Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Star Flight quilt

I've enjoyed sharing all of my "secret sewing" from last fall recently, as the quilts I've made for magazines have gone on sale. The most recent is "Star Flight," featured in the August/September 2018 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts. 

 is the quilt that inspired the Star Struck design. I'd played around with adding the star to it, but didn't at the time; I'm glad I returned to this design and used the star this time! The quilt looks totally different in the crisp blue and white prints, doesn't it?!

I fell in love with these blue and white prints when I first saw them last summer--the collection is called Fleur de Bleu from Paintbrush Studio. I received the quilt back two weeks ago; just in time to take a photo with the blooming orange tiger lilies in our yard. 

My friend Diane Oakes quilted this quilt for me, and as usual, did a fantastic job! 

I also really love the backing fabric. I wanted to use it on the quilt front, but it was too busy. Instead, I can enjoy its gorgeousness in a larger size on the back! 

Read an interview I did about this quilt for the Paintbrush Studio blog here.
I also created this bargello quilt tutorial here.
Find McCall's Quick Quilts magazine featuring this quilt here.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June OMG Monthly Goal

My June OMG goal is both small and lofty at the same time. Small because I am working with just seven 6-1/2" square blocks, and lofty because my June is a little full as I pack for a yearlong move to Florida, deal with the end of school, and plan Vacation Bible School! July will be quieter, right?! 

Anyway, back in November, our family spent 4 days at my sister-in-law's house in Massachusetts. I decided to be fun crafty aunt, so I brought supplies for an art project and for decorating turkey cookies. 

I brought a bag of solid scraps with fusible web on them and 6-1/2" white squares. I gave each kid (ranging from age 11 to 3) a square and let them create their own fused quilt block. We shared 3 scissors. It was fun to see what they created! 

Here are the kids (my three, plus three nieces and a nephew) with their finished blocks. They had a great time, and I was impressed with how much imagination and thought went into each block. 

We'll be seeing those same cousins at the beach in July, so my goal is to transform those 7 blocks into a wall hanging for the cousins to take home. Wish me luck! 

And just for fun...this is what the crafting table (aka the kitchen island) looked like:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Goal Complete!

I finished my One Monthly Goal (thanks, Elm Street Quilts!) for May!

I wanted to make two blocks of my new pattern, Twister, using the Wave Texture prints. 
Love these colors! 

Here are my blocks. Only five more of each color combination to go! 

Here's what the whole Twister quilt looks like: 
Quilt Size: 57-1/2" x 76-1/2"
(It's available on Craftsy as a digital download.)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tropical Blues free quilt pattern

Last fall I was invited to design a free quilt pattern for the Mod Tropics fabric collection from Paintbrush Studio. The collections comes in blue, orange, and cream, and I fell in love with the blues! There are two tropical leaf/flower prints and then three really fun geometric tonals in each of the colorways. 

This is the design I came up with, which I called "Tropical Blues." It's a quarter log cabin block with thin strips of Painter's Palette Solids Gray in between the prints.
Did I mention that the pattern for this quilt is available as a FREE download? Find it here.

 I cut all of the pieces and sewed assembly-line style, working about 30 minutes at a time between other projects/work/feeding the kids, etc. 

The Tropical Blues pattern is featured in a magazine ad for Paintbrush Studio. It's always fun to see your name in print! :) 
See all the Mod Tropics fabrics and download the free quilt pattern here

Want to make this quilt too? There's a kit available for this quilt from The Quilting Company. Find it here

I also stitched one block in the orange, just for fun. 

Above you saw my artsy photo of the quilt in my neighbor's beautiful backyard; here's the entire quilt top spread out. I still need to machine quilt it! 

Speaking of free quilt patterns, I have two more using Paintbrush Studio's collections appearing in a magazine ad near you:

"Small Plates" features the Market Medley collection. This is an easy design using fusible applique. The name came from the idea of tapas, where everyone shares small plates of prepared food. It seemed appropriate for all these gorgeously realistic looking veggie prints! 
See the Market Medley fabrics and download the free quilt pattern here

"Linked Up" features Hoodie Crescent's new collection, Ring Ring. I love these fabrics, and I'll post more about this down the road. They're retro-looking dial telephones, ink pens, pencils, and more, and the color palette is so cool! 
See the Ring Ring fabrics and download the free quilt pattern here.

Monday, May 21, 2018

All Boxed Up in Modern by the Yard

I'm excited to have these fun little fabric boxes that I made featured in the e-zine Modern by the Yard! They're made with the Blue Brilliance collection from Kanvas--I loved these blue prints. I used Flex Foam from Pellon; it creates great body for 3-D shapes. 

And let me just say that I wish my sewing supplies were organized as cute as the threads and fabrics in this photo! 

Here's the cover of the e-zine. You can read the whole issue here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Introducing Twister!

Here's my latest quilt pattern for sale, Twister
(It's available on Craftsy as a digital download.)

This big block quilt has a complex woven look, but it's easy to make.
I love the under over look in each block!

Quilt Size: 57-1/2" x 76-1/2"

I'm using these Wave Texture prints by Jackie Robinson. 
I love the swirling texture and the rich colors! 

Here's one of each block color combination. They're 19" square blocks, so you only need 12 for a large-sized lap quilt.

I played around with a few different color options. Here's Twister done in blues and oranges from Wave Texture. Which do you like better? 

I'm also working on a version of this quilt in a warm palette of solids. 
Can't wait to show you!

Make your own!
Purchase the digital pattern here on Craftsy.

Monday, May 7, 2018

May OMG: Make 2 Sample Blocks

My next few months are pretty crazy packed full, so I'm attempting to set attainable goals. Putting big, time-consuming goals out there and struggling to meet them isn't going to help. I'd rather feel good about the little things. 

So, my May goal for One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts is to finish two sample blocks (one in each color) for my  Twister pattern. I've tested these blocks in scraps because the Wave Texture fabrics weren't available yet when I created the pattern. I'm excited to sew them up now! 

If you want to join me, the digital Twister pattern is available for purchase on Craftsy

I'm using these Wave Texture prints by Jackie Robinson and I love the movement they create. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

April OMG: Rolling Waves Top!

My April One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts was to finish piecing this Rolling Waves quilt top. I finished, and hung it up this morning in the bright sunshine (what's that? we haven't seen much of that around here lately...) to take a photo. I'm looking forward to quilting and binding this one. And finishing writing the pattern! 

The dot fabrics are from Benartex's All About Color collection--I am in love with those colorful circles! I designed this quilt while playing around with the Monkey Wrench block (also known as the Snail's Trail block). You can read more about the quilt design here.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Checkerboard quilt

I'm excited to share my latest magazine quilt, Checkerboard, which is in the May/June 2018 issue of Modern Patchwork. It's always a thrill to see my name in print! The quilt is made using Paintbrush studio's Painter's Palette Solids. They're my favorite solids to sew with--they're silky smooth and so saturated with color. You can see all 168 colors here

The cover: 

Find the magazine here.

I love improv log cabin blocks! They're fun to make, and each one turns out different from its neighbors. I made a smaller version of this quilt last year (below), but wanted to do more with the design. 

When I designed the Checkerboard quilt, I tried a few versions that were all log cabin blocks (in other words, a bigger version of what you see above) and it was just too much. The quilt needed breathing space. I really liked what the negative space above the below the block row added to the design.

I took some more photos of my quilt to share. 
If I'd taken them a day earlier, I would have had a snowy backdrop (ugh!). 

The full quilt:

I love how the transition of colors makes the block centers look like they're popping out (orange) and receding back (blue). I really enjoyed choosing the colors to use in these blocks, but it was harder than you'd think!

These next few shots really show off the quilting. Diane Oakes did a fabulous job! She quilted a spiraling square in each block, and then straight lines in the solid sections.

Blue block close-up:

Orange block close-up:

Saturday, April 7, 2018

April OMG - Rolling Waves

I didn't make my March goal. I might have been able to if I rushed the last day, but I went with quality over speed and didn't finish.

I did all the background (shades of gray) quilting, and I finished the straight line boxes in the green and orange blocks. I still need to do the purple and blue blocks and then do some wiggles in all the blocks. 

But that's not my April project for One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts. My April project is to complete the top of my Rolling Waves quilt, which will soon be a pattern. (Read more about it here.)

I have two blocks done: 

And 14 more almost done. 

Here's what the quilt will look like:

Can't wait to get it done!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Crossroads in American Patchwork & Quilting!

Happy April!
I've been eagerly awaiting this day for a couple weeks. The June 2018 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting goes on sale today, and I have a quilt in it! My quilt is called Crossroads, and it uses Sarah Fielke's Wordplay collection for Windham Fabrics.

Here it is! Don't you love that dark blue wall behind the quilt? 
Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine.
 ©2018 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

The cover quilt is pretty great, isn't it? 

Let me tell you how this quilt came to be.
I had the idea to use large log cabin blocks to make a version of an eight-pointed star. My husband and I were returning from a kid-free mini vacation last summer, and while he drove, I pulled out my laptop, enjoying the silence (there are usually three boys in the back seat!), and played around with a design. 

Here's what I came up with:

Okay, so maybe not a star, like I'd envisioned, but still cool! I thought it might be a winner, and started looking for a fabric line to use in the quilt. I knew I wanted the outer sections of each block to be a mix of low volume prints. Then I saw Wordplay and fell in love. These prints were perfect for my quilt! I plugged in the digital swatches, submitted it to American Patchwork & Quilting, and here we are, eight months later. This is my first quilt published in AP&Q--I was excited! 

I got the quilt back last week and took it outside for a short photoshoot. I love how the brights pop against the low-volume background. The contrast shows up beautifully in photography. I also love the variety of colors in the prints--several blues, bright green, red, was fun to choose which prints to use in the quilt. 

On our swing set's climbing wall:

Hanging over our deck railing:

I need to send a big thank you to two people involved in the making of Crossroads. 
First, my mom, Lindy, who happened to be in town for the weekend while I was piecing this quilt AND the hourglass quilt last September. She helped cut the first log cabin block strips and then pressed after I pieced. I love these prints, but we had to cut very carefully to make sure each strip was as straight as possible. The results were worth it!

And second, Diane Oakes, who quilted it so beautifully. She and I talked about a couple different motifs, and she varied them, stitching a design in each strip row. You can see some of the detail below. 

I have two more quilts featured in magazines coming out in the next month or two which I'll be sharing as the issues go on sale--you're seeing why I was so busy last fall! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March One Monthly Goal: A lot of quilting!

 My pile of unquilted tops is reaching staggering I'm going to start quilting my way through it! First up is this print fabric version of my original Diamond Drama solids quilt

My mom pieced this for me (thanks Mom!) after she and I selected the fabrics together. Here's a close-up of it. The entire quilt is rolled up in the throat of my sewing machine right now, so you'll have to wait until the end of the month to see the whole quilt! 

So my March goal for One Monthly Goal (thanks, Elm Street Quilts!) is to finish quilting my Diamond Drama prints quilt. 

The original Diamond Drama quilt was quilted by a super talented professional--Brianne Moores--so this version won't be as cool with me quilting it, but I'm excited to try it out and see what I can do, using the seams as guidelines.